B&D Family Jewelers

About Us

B&D Family Jewelers, Inc. began as a home-based business over twenty years ago. The business was founded by Betty Kirtley with humble beginnings. Because of her creative flair coupled with a penchant for all things sparkling and an entrepreneurial spirit her business grew. It continued to grow with successful networking and word-of-mouth advertising. In 1998, Betty opened her storefront. Today at her second location, she operates a full spectrum fine jewelry establishment. The  storefront and workshop employs four staff members who all stand ready to serve the most discriminating clientele. Inventory from some of the most notable vendors worldwide may be found in their display cases while one-of-a-kind pieces from talented new designers are also on display.

They have 2 bench jewelers with over 25 years of experience to serve your repair needs.

Visit their jewelry showcase page for a collection of some of their amazing jewelry pieces.

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